Bring The Violence

from by H1Z1

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No persevering through the rage go on till you hear me call your name.
Hopes aren’t lifting me from fates hold. I’ll start the killing and you’ll start the blame.
I took another eye couldn’t tell you why when we die they will never find our remains
Try, take another try, tell me what you find and I might let you come inside, In my brain.

Welcome to violence

I’d hate to see you safely in this place to be your final home.
You’re makin’ me, replacin’ me, no avoiding me. Case unsolved.
We will not ever sleep, un-dead but complete. No reprieve and no time think. Foolish fiends.
Bleed, can I help you bleed? In the cup it seeps. Deep impeached, falling with the king, unruly!

Welcome to violence
We fight

Bring the violence
So significant
Soulless minds fit in the blackness.
Open your hatred I’ll take it from you. Let go.

Seen a memory, life I’ll re-fold like origami you will burn.
Untold story of this monster jump to the climax, devils yearn.
Run motherfucker run. Zombies that can run chase your son with no help above. Collapsed lung.
Breathe, can I help you breathe? Saying daddy please on his knees. Fears anomalies, the misused!

Welcome to violence
We want the violence bring it to me. Fuck your alliance, we are one
No need for guidance. We’ll walk blind through the city of evils fucking walls
Die motherfucker die. I will take a life. We will fight in the Crimson night. Want a ride?
Psyched! Fooled you here inside the fucking genocide. Is it right? We’ll die tonight? Bring it on.

Respect my hate and kneel
Rage will never stop
Soaked in red black veil
Do you know who we are?

Dead, I’ll take your soul.
I want you to behold
The pieces I have slaughtered
A piece of your corpse is borrowed.
But this is the beginning
Beginning to mold
This is the start
Of being dead and gone
I’ve reached inside
Inside myself
I’m breached inside
And you’ll die for wealth
And you won’t heal
Won’t heal for me
I will reap!


from Unbounded, released August 11, 2017



all rights reserved


H1Z1 Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Heavy metal from Milwaukee, WI that brings a cross between groove, speed, and heavy.

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