S​.​S. Departed (Silent Convictions)

from by H1Z1

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Can you, break the limit, why are you so dark and soulless
the mind aches, is timid, how much is it to notice
the secrets, I'm loathing, in pitch darkness can you focus
the wise men, will notice, the abominated circus
i will force you from exposure
posses you and take you over
elect you and take away everything you have owed us
falling from the karma rising from dishonor
what does it really take for you just to be honest

S.S. Depart
Fake, failure, forgotten
Unknown, are my limits, everyone deserves to die
Provoked, is the killer, is it wrong to take your eyes
unclothed, is my hatred, you won't even feel it rise
reborn, I'm delivered, now be my sacrifice
bullets piercing through the church of young children and holy ghost of dark angels disguised like they were the Pentecostal
now all is destroyed
why so paranoid
trapped in the shadows, what the hell can you avoid

S.S. Depart
Rise, reform and release

Fake, failure, forgotten
the playbacks of paybacks that race through my head
Rise, reform and release
my setbacks from wetbacks whiplashes dripping red
with symptoms suppressed
memories refreshed
the S.S. departed is where we all started
we fail at success
knowing we're next
we're so damn cold hearted with symptoms departed


Disastered so battered
so tattered and torn
whiplashes blood splashes
so loud you can mourn
the fiend on his knees screaming for a release
this darkness come stop this
must we rot in pieces
could never forget this
my thoughts you would witness
i wish that you would leave me alone
oh god was i wrong
ah leave me alone
ah i bet there's no place like home

Drive faster wish that you
where never even born
I taught you but knew that you never would learn
the fiend on his knees screaming from the front seat
i saw this don't stop this
Must we rot in pieces.
My thoughts you will witness
No options envisioned.
The darker side you've let loose now listen
Oh I'll chew your bones
Oh leave me alone
Oh i bet there's no place like home


from Unbounded, released August 11, 2017



all rights reserved


H1Z1 Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Heavy metal from Milwaukee, WI that brings a cross between groove, speed, and heavy.

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